3 Years to 5 Years

For older toddlers sleep issues can be harder. The bedtime resistance is real with a whole different level of behaviour issues and the multiple night wakings are tough getting your head around!

Your child keeps climbing out of bed and coming to your room.

You can’t decide on a consistent settling method

You dont want any siblings disturbed but don’t know how to manage the night wakings

You don’t know how much crying is normal at this age

When your child says they are hungry or wants a glass of water you feel bad saying no

You are attempting potty training but its triggering night wakings and you don’t know where to draw the line with the toilet requests

You don’t really want to bring your child into bed so one of you end up camping out in their bedroom

You think a transition into a big bed will help but you don’t know what’s an appropriate age

You are struggling with early morning wake ups

You are looking for a gentle approach

Sleep issues in this age range are more common then you may think. It’s a big age for a little person. Bedtime anxiety can peak, fear of the dark, nightmares, shadows and monsters become real! From a childs perspective in their little world these things actually exist. 

As a qualified and highly trained Psychotherapist my approach to sleep training a child at this age is completely unique.

Child sleeping with mouth open
family asleep in bed with white sheets

At this age sometimes an attachment to parents/sleep association can often result in bedtime resistance, trigger multiple night wakings and contribute to early morning wake ups. It’s important to have a consistent and suitable approach. 

It’s not just about selecting the correct sleep training method for this age but also for you as a family.

It’s also about using the perfect combination of sleep tools together with a sleep method and plan to help reduce anxiety so your child feels relaxed enough to want to fall asleep.
We will be looking at: 
  • Bedtime environment 
  • Bedroom transition
  • Age appropriate bedtime
  • Bedtime battles
  • Self Settling 
  • Sleeping through the night 
  • Separation anxiety
  • Food Intake 
  • Sibling routine 
  • Fixing Early Morning Wake Up’s
  • Any other sleep issues present 

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