4 Months to 12 Months

Around the 4 month mark many parents are keen on getting their little ones into some sort of routine. By this stage in their lives, babies are getting to the routine of daily life. But, issues with sleep can last through to the toddler years and beyond.

At 4 months it’s all going on! Teething, early weaning, attempting to establish a nap routine and your baby starts producing their own Sleep Hormone; Melatonin. Then you have the 4 month sleep regression which is when your baby’s sleeping habits change permanently. Some babies go back to sleeping well in a couple of weeks, but others may need a proactive approach to changing these habits.


You may have been surviving on broken sleep until now, which could be affecting your enjoyment of life as a parent.

The excitement of a new baby may have carried you through the first few months, but no one can run on empty, and tiredness and frustration can have a very negative impact on your life.

Many parents return to work during this stage of their baby’s life, so broken sleep quickly becomes unmanageable. The good news is that in their early years, children can learn and adapt quickly.

As a highly trained and experienced gentle baby and toddler sleep consultant, I will work with you to find the correct sleep training method for you and your baby.

Together, we can work on the correct age appropriate awake windows so bub is not overtired and it is no longer a battle getting them down in the first place, then screaming and waking after one sleep cycle.

Are you having any of these issues?

  • Cat napping
  • Routine going pear shaped after a while
  • No set feeding schedule or issues with feeding
  • Frequent night wakings
  • Baby being unsettled
  • Day and night confusion
  • Waking within the first hour

I use gentle sleep training to teach your baby to sleep. Together, we can establish night-time feeding routines and cot transition. We can look at weaning and starting solids and ways to produce more melatonin to aid better sleep.

We will be addressing all the following:

  • Establish a day and night time age appropriate feeding routine
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Self settling
  • Establishing an age appropriate nap routine
  • Co sleeping to cot transition
  • Crib to cot transition
  • Bedroom transition
  • Bedroom environment
  • Fixing early morning wake ups

What’s included in your Sleep Programme:

3 or 5 weeks of intensive daily support throughout your sleep training programme depending on which programme you choose

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment
  • A personalised sleep plan with an age appropriate gentle sleep methods
  • 30 Minute phone calls every week
  • Daily email support
  • Daily sleep log analysis
  • 3 Way WhatsApp Group with a partner/family member
  • Lifetime access to VIP Facebook for trained families
  • A Moving On Plan
  • 3 Year Comprehensive Sleep Bible

3 Year Comprehensive Sleep Bible

*Your 3 Year Comprehensive Sleep Bible Includes the following guides: (Age Appropriate to your child)

Age Appropriate Routines up to 3 years old

Nap Transitions 3 to 2

Nap Transitions 2 to 1

Sleeping through the Night

Managing Days out and Social Activities

Managing Nursery

Managing Travel

Managing Sickness

Managing Teething

Growth Spurts

Sleep Regressions

Early Morning Wake Ups

Assisted Naps

Starting Solids

Moving on Plan

If Things Go Wrong

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