Top Baby Products to Support Healthy Sleep: Sleep Consultant Recommended

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It can be overwhelming to know what is truly useful, and what is simply advertising when it comes to choosing baby gear that supports healthy infant sleep. Here are my top recommended baby gear products as a sleep consultant to support healthy sleep habits in infants and toddlers.

Baby Products: Swaddle/Sleep Bags

Arms Up Swaddle

Miracle swaddle: Best swaddle of 2018

Penguin Swaddle; made of muslin for hot weather

Two in one swaddle or pro bag

Aden and Anais: Muslin swaddles for summer

Grobag: Sleep Bags

Slumber Sac: Sleep bag (With feet too!)

Baby Sleep Training Apps

Wonder weeks app: To track mental leaps (not physical developments)

Trixie Tracker
Helps you to keep a sleep log so you can see patterns and also send them to me so I can review the logs and offer you advice on how we can get your baby sleeping longer.

Other Useful Baby Products

Soother Holder: Holds dummys and can be used as a teething ring.

Black out Blinds

White Noise Machine

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

Gro clock for toddlers: Sleep Training clock to help your little one sleep longer



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