Birth Doula Stories

Jyoti & Punit

Seema provided a fantastic service throughout. Very organised with the antenatal sessions, punctual, felt like she gave adequate time to go through things to the depth that was needed. Really helped myself and my wife understand potential pitfalls and how to anticipate/avoid them. Really useful debriefing on the previous labour from our first pregnancy. Excellent support through labour… called her initially to come to our home early hours of the morning and arrived within good time. Energetic throughout the labour, pre and during hospital. Helped take the pressure off myself to do other things (e.g. load car etc) feeling reassured that my wife was not left unattended/unsupported. Very flexible, did not feel at any stage that she allowed personal considerations to impact on the support that she provided us. I would be happy to recommend her to a friend and would be willing, if the situation arose, to consider taking her on again in the future.


Seema provided both physical and emotional support to me and my husband. She focused on things she knew were important to me such as maintaining adequate hydration. She talked me through each contraction and used massage when I requested it. Her presence made it easier for my husband to get on and do the practical things such as loading the car without having to leave me on my own. Seema was very helpful following the birth without being intrusive. She paid attention to things such as keeping me and baby warm and took some lovely photos of those precious early moments.These were things I hadn’t anticipated in advance but were really welcome additions

Quarat & Tanwir

Seema has a very personable character and is very easy to talk to. She has a good knowledge of the things that are important to labour well and she was very respectful of our wishes. She is much more balanced in her views than some doulas I have come across in the past and in my view is a credit to the doula community.

Sleep Coach Stories


“Seema is just amazing. Not only did she give the best advice to help my 9mo get better sleep she saved my sanity. The advice Seema gave us was practical and easy to put into use. My little boy was sleeping better and happier during the day in one week. Seema also spoke to me like she knew me and offered me reassurance when I needed it. We live on opposite sides of the planet and Seema was still able to help us via phone, WhatsApp, messenger and email – how flexible is that! I am so lucky to have ‘met’ you and so so grateful. Thank you Seema, you are an absolute star.”


“Seema has been so helpful and made me feel like a friend in that she has been so understanding and has given sooooo much time to me. She is really good at making things seem positive and possible, with brilliant support and such a quick response time! She has been so understanding as having a premature, reflux and CMPA baby has by no means been an easy ride so far for us, so she completely respected that I wanted to take a gentle approach to sleep training. She eased me in and made me feel confident to follow a spaced soothing method. Also enlightening me to how important ‘awake times’ are. My little girl who wasn’t going to sleep until 10pm and getting up at least twice in the night now goes to bed between 6 and 7 and only wakes once before being up around 6.15 which is perfect for me. I have my evenings back! And my LG is learning when she needs to sleep. It is still a work in progress but my goodness it’s such an improvement! Thank you!! X.”


“I worked with Seema to get my 2 year old to sleep on his own. We were going through a nightmare of making him sleep and in turn my son getting overtired. I was quite concerned how to sleep train my 2 year old who can sense independence and emotions. Seema came into our lives at a very desperate and significant time where we needed the help she gave. Seema is very warm and easy to speak to. Seema provided a lot of confidence and reassurance to begin the sleep training process. She understands the needs of not just the child but the family as well. She also offered different methods to sleep train our little one in a way that was most comfortable with us. From the initial set up of the room to sleep training and clarifying on how to take this further Seema was patient and spontaneous with her responses. We as a family are really grateful and appreciate all the help from Seema. I really recommend her. Thanks Seema.”


My 7 month old at the time wouldn’t sleep longer than a 2 hour stint at a time at night. He also wouldn’t sleep in his cot in the day only in his pushchair and he couldn’t self settle. Seema was amazing, the support was out of this world. I have learnt so much. We tried space soothing or controlled crying. I can’t believe it worked. After 3 nights Tennyson slept from 1830 until 4am. We then worked on leaving him to cry when he woke in the early hours through to 0630. This worked. I’m shocked hie good this is. He now sleeps from 7 ish through to 0630 ish. It’s changed our life. Since starting this and realising he can settle himself, he also sleeps in his cot fir his 30 minute morning nap and 2 hour lunchtime nap. I now feel confident leaving him to cry for an agreed time. I only required Seema’s help for 13 days and everything I wanted to achieve I gave. Massively recommend Seema. Thank you so much!! Xx”


Seema helped me with sleep and my newborn. She gave me lots of handy tips and information on the sleep that babies need and about babies ‘awake windows’ which really helps me know when my little boy needs a sleep! Newborn sleeping patterns are all over the place and just having some reassurance about what is normal helped me to feel more confident with my baby’s sleep needs and also to be aware of how to set up good routines and sleep habits as he gets older. She has also armed me with some strategies for getting your baby to sleep and they work! Seema is very easy to talk to and since she also has young children, has a real understanding of the challenges we can face. She understands that what works for one family may not for another and I really appreciated our open discussions. She also has an understanding of how frazzling dealing with sleep deprivation can be and how much us parents doubt ourselves! Many thanks!”


Thankyou so much Seema for helping me set a pattern for my baby and overcoming one of the biggest struggles of a ftm. You are truly a gem of a person who constantly guided me until i reached my goal. I  highly recommend her. Do not think twice.”


Seema has a very warm and friendly approach and a great positive attitude. She really went out of her way to help me and my baby. She suggested some useful techniques to calm my baby which have been very successful. She also helped me to identify some underlying health issues which could be causing him to wake frequently. Although it was a separate issue to sleep training Seema still took it on and gave me so much helpful information and emotional support. She has complete understanding of the challenges faced by mums in early parenthood and her knowledge and understanding has been very helpful in finding some strategies that work for us as a family. We really appreciate everything she has done for us and I would happily recommend her if you are looking for some help in getting your little one to a more settled place.”

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