Learn how to manifest your babies sleep!

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I come across many parents who genuinely believe my Sleep Training programmes will not work! Not because they don’t trust me or believe in what I do. Or even that Sleep Training doesn’t work! So why do so many people believe its not possible to sleep train their child successfully? Because its too good to be true. Because parents have struggled with sleep for so long, and the effects of Sleep Deprivation are so engrained, the issues are so severe that they genuinely cannot comprehend their child self settling. All the know, believe, and envision is rocking, feeding and assisting to sleep. So the disbelief when I work with parents, even half way through their sleep training programme is huge. When they start seeing results, mums in particular always say the same thing; I never knew it would be this good, I am shocked she has self-settled, I can’t believe its worked!!!!

I can understand where you are coming from. I, myself never sleep trained my 9 year old and co slept and breastfed to sleep for the first two years of her life, until I had had enough and was lost, depressed and hopeless. Some of you know I then went on to sleep trained my next 2 girls at 4 months old!

I don’t just help you with your childs sleep, I support, guide and give hope. I help you to believe it’s possible. I transform lives. Because I know it works.

As well as a Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant I am a Therapist, Quantum Human Design Specialist and Somatic Practitioner. I am a Manifestor. You may have heard about it. It’s a buzz word but been around way before me and you.

So I am here to talk to you about how you can manifest your babies sleep.

So what is Manifestation?

Manifestation – also commonly known as The Law of Attraction – but now has taken on various other forms of meaning. This is a process of turning your dreams into reality. It is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality. Bringing things from 4D into your 3D world. You do this via your thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions. People have different ways of Manifesting. You may remember ‘The Secret’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ these are books that have catapulted Manifestation. The concept here is that if you assume that somethings true it will come into your life. So our thoughts and beliefs form the basis of this. When you start to believe in something, and you take the aligned action, you make it happen. You receive it. Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality.

So how do you manifest your babies sleep?

Start by looking at your current beliefs. What beliefs do you carry about your baby and their sleep? Where have these beliefs come from? What evidence do you have for these beliefs to be true? How are these beliefs holding you back? Work to change them. Replace negative beliefs with positive ones, and start to assume that you are capable of achieving your goals. As you start to believe in yourself, you will see your reality begin to shift.

Here is the Manifestation Process step by step:


Making your decision:

This is the foundation of Manifestation. Make a clear decision about your desires. Do not give the universe mixed messages. Set your intention. Clarity is the key

Setting your Goal:

Work from the end result; how do you want your baby to fall asleep? How long do you want your baby to sleep? How many night feeds would you like to offer? How would you like your baby to nap? How many times a day and for how long? Be clear and precise. Break your goal down. Pinpoint exactly what you want. Write it down. Carry it with you!!


Ask the Universe for it – this can be through prayer, meditation, visualisation, speaking your intention, a vision board or journal. This is often referred to as Embodiment. So you work from the end – this means you believe you have already received it. You imagine your baby is self settling, sleeping through the night and napping well. I don’t mean just thinking positively. This is not a positive affirmation, though you would start with affirmations. You FEEL that you baby is ALREADY sleeping well. Imagine feeling it, behave like its already happened, walk as if you already have your sleep problems completely fixed! Be certain its already happened for you – THIS IS THE KEY TO MANIFESTATION! Coupled with gratitude this makes the energy!

Tip: Record yourself saying ‘I am so Grateful and Happy now that my baby is……FILL IN THE GAPS. 10 minutes before you are about to fall asleep listen to your recording on repeat. This gives your Subconscious mind the beliefs. For me personally I found this a game changer in my manifestation process. Claim I am!!

Taking Aligned Action:

Manifesting is often referred to as Co Creating – between you and the universe. So you must take the aligned action to manifest your dreams. You will not achieve the results you want without the aligned action.

Take daily aligned actions in making your goal come to life.

Some examples of this:

 If you feel aligned and ready hop on a call with me to start Sleep Training
 Read up on Sleep Routines
 Ask for help from others
 Join some forums for Sleep
 Start to put your baby to bed early with an age appropriate bedtime routine
 Read up on Sleep Methods
 Research what Sleep Training entails

Writing your Daily Gratitude List:

Every morning when you wake up write down 5 things you are grateful for – that you currently have in your life. Next to that write 5 things you are grateful for (that you desire) but in the present as if you have already received these desires. For example ‘I am so happy and grateful now that my baby falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night’. The second step is essential in the Embodiment Process of manifestation.

Let Go of Resistance and Limiting beliefs and the Time line – SURRENDER

I truly believe in Divine Timelines. Instant Gratification does not exist. Things will happen when you let go and are ready to receive your desires. Trust the Universe. Do not look at the HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHY. None of this is your business or responsibility. Learn to let go and let the Universe. You just need to take the aligned actions. Learn to stay in the FAITH.

 What’s the fastest way to manifest something that you want?
Don’t give the universe mixed signals. Be clear on your decision and goal. To see it, feel it and believe it. To Embody it in a way that you feel you have already achieved it and to be grateful for having already received it. To take the aligned action on a daily basis and watch miracles unfold right before your eyes! The only thing that will stop you from manifesting is YOU!


 It does not happen overnight
 It requires you to take aligned daily actions
 Manifestation is not just will power of positive thinking
 Surrender the time line! There is such a thing as Divine Timeline

Love Seema



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