Newborn Sleep Shaping

2 weeks to 4 months

Newborn Sleep Shaping

Newborn sleep is a controversial topic which is not discussed enough during pregnancy. People shy away from it and the focus is more on feeding. This can mean that when your little one comes along it can be a tiring and overwhelming start. Getting through the fourth trimester can be a lonely and confusing time. With so much advice out there, which should you listen to?

Your body is still healing from labour. Your little one cries, fusses, cluster feeds, feeds on demand or fights their sleep. You think it’s normal and you quietly get on with it, after all that’s what everybody else does right? Many parents rock, feed or walk their little bub to sleep which works for some families but others it means spending hours rocking, feeding and walking your little bub around to get them to sleep. This quickly becomes exhausting especially if your little one is constantly feeding, or feeding very little, crying a lot, suffering from gas or trapped wind or reflux symptoms, and he or she finds it very difficult to just drift off. If you have other children it can be even more challenging; the newborn issues, the emotions and transitions for their sibling of a new arrival and managing routines together. I specialise in sibling approaches and will support you through this transition. 

So what exactly is Newborn Sleep Shaping? 

Newborn Sleep shaping is the process of gently and gradually putting positive sleep habits in place to help your little one settle easily working towards independently, sleep, feed, nap and night feed at the correct age appropriate times. It involves using a hands on approach, as well as supportive age appropriate and scientifically proven sleep techniques to calm and settle your baby. We look at your your parenting style, your values as a family, baby’s temperament, medical issues, fussiness, baby’s schedule, feeding patterns, bedroom environment and your nursery set up.

I offer two different programmes; Newborn Sleep Shaping and Family Sleep Shaping. Both programmes consist of 4 weeks Intensive daily support during your sleep training. The Family Sleep Shaping is for those who have experienced a traumatic birth and would like some emotional support as well as your newborn sleep shaping package. (Family Sleep Shaping is also available as a 4 week support package).

Baby Feeding

Your Sleep Shaping Programme’s will cover:

  • Post Natal Care
  • The Fourth Trimester
  • Sibling routine if applicable
  • Gentle Sleep Settling techniques
  • Age appropriate feeding
  • Establishing feeding
  • Breastfeeding support
    Identifying feeding issues
  • Safe sleeping guidelines
  • Bedroom environment
  • Room sharing
  • Night wakings
  • Establishing naps
  • Age appropriate awake windows
  • Swaddling
  • Transition to Sleeping Bag
  • Dummy or not to dummy
  • Cribs/Next to me/Cot
  • Burping/winding
  • Digestive issues
  • Fussiness!!
  • Reflux, allergies and colic
  • Onwards referrals

Newborn Sleep Shaping:

4 Weeks of intensive support throughout your sleep training programme

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment
  • A personalised sleep plan with an age appropriate gentle sleep method
  • 30 Minute Weekly phone calls
  • Daily email support
  • Daily sleep log analysis
  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook
  • Create a 3 way WhatsApp group/Daily WhatsApp Support
  • A Moving On Plan
  • 3 Year Comprehensive Sleep Bible

Included in your sleep shaping package is the following invaluable and extensive digital e-handouts for your baby’s sleep up until the age of 5 years old when they are nap free.

This means you will never need to access sleep support again; you will have everything you need for your baby’s sleep, and you will be equipped to deal with any sleep issue. You will always have your baby on the correct age appropriate sleep routine, food and milk schedule.

3 Year Comprehensive Sleep Bible

Your 3 Year Comprehensive Sleep Bible Includes the following guides: (Age Appropriate to your child)

Age Appropriate Routines up to 3 years old

Nap Transitions 3 to 2

Nap Transitions 2 to 1

Sleeping through the Night

Managing Days out and Social Activities

Managing Nursery

Managing Travel

Managing Sickness

Managing Teething

Growth Spurts

Sleep Regressions

Early Morning Wake Ups

Assisted Naps

Starting Solids

Moving on Plan

If Things Go Wrong

You can find more about the talking therapies I offer here; 

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