Back on Track Programme


Back on Track


You do not need to have signed up for sleep training for this package.

You don’t need to sleep train your little one but they are still not sleeping as you would like them to.

You know something isn’t quite right but you don’t now what or how to fix it.

Do you have an older baby or toddler who is self settling but still waking?

Are you experiencing early morning wake ups?

Not sure if your little one is on the correct routine, appropriate number of night feeds, or naps are just not going as well?

Every single family who has worked with me with my back on track package has had immediate results with sleep issues completely resolved within the week. As well as all the sleep education, expectations and information they need right up until their little one drops their last nap and is on the normal toddler 7am to 7pm day.

What’s included?

  • Review of current routine and sleep issues

  • Solution to fix the current issues

  • New Age appropriate routine with sibling if applicable

  • 3 days of sleep log reviews after new routine is implemented with feedback

  • Unlimited email support for 3 days

  • Private client only Facebook group

  • Food intake and milk quantity routine reviewed and adjusted

  • Sleep Training Method if necessary. This would be a handout which you can take away with you and implement.

  • Sleep Handouts for you to keep which include:
    •  Age appropriate feeding and Nap routines up to age of 4 years old 
    • Age appropriate night time expectations
    • Nap expectations and Transitions. Signs, when and exactly how to drop a nap
    • Stretching awake times and how to adjust your routine
    • Sleep Regressions
    • Early Morning Wake Up’s’ Reasons and Solutions
    • Managing Days out and Social Activites
    • Managing Travel
    • Managing sickness and teething 
    • Managing daycare


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