Addressing the Root Cause of Reflux

Aine Homer is THE worlds leading Reflux Specialist. I am so excited that I have trained with her to become a Baby Reflux Specialist and am privileged to bring her knowledge into my work with families around addressing the root cause of reflux.

I am a Qualified BACP Therapist and Baby and Toddler Sleep Consult have been working with families around Sleep, Depression, Overwhelm and Anxiety for over 17 years. Extending my work and offering Reflux support to families has been my dream. Over the years I have turned so many parents away but now that I have trained with Aine I no longer have to do that! 

Both my younger two daughters had reflux. Deveena had it up to 9 months old and we were at a complete loss. We suffered a huge amount of trauma and were broken. We suffered in silence and had no idea who to turn to. My youngest; Devika also had reflux and I wasn’t going to sit back and allow her to suffer the same thing that Deveena went through so I addressed the root cause with Aine’s support and got her completely reflux free at 4 months old med free!

I understand the struggles parents face when their baby experiences reflux. That’s why I’m thrilled to support you in finding and addressing the Root Cause of your Baby’s Reflux! My mission is to address the root cause of reflux and provide long-term relief for both you and your baby!

Are you tired of watching your little one struggle with reflux, feeling overwhelmed by the constant challenges it brings? You’re not alone. Dealing with a baby’s reflux can be incredibly tough, leaving us parents feeling helpless and uncertain about how best to support our precious little bundles of joy.


The Reality of Reflux:
Did you know that reflux affects up to 50% of infants? It’s a common condition that can cause discomfort and distress for babies and their parents alike. While reflux is often considered a normal part of infancy, it’s essential to recognise that it can have a significant impact on your baby’s well-being and your family’s quality of life.

Understanding the Root Cause:
I will go beyond simply managing the symptoms of reflux. Instead, I focus on identifying the actual Root Cause fof your baby’s discomfort. From identifying symptoms and looking at optimising feeding techniques and exploring potential digestive issues, we’ll work together to uncover the root cause and develop a personalised treatment plan to provide relief.

Why it’s Important to Address the Root Cause of Reflux:
Addressing the root cause of reflux is crucial for long-term relief and your baby’s overall well-being. By identifying and addressing the underlying factors contributing to reflux, we can develop a comprehensive plan to provide relief and support your baby’s digestive health.

What you will learn:

The exact root cause of your childs reflux and how to fix it!

exact identification of all Symptoms  and why

The correct function of the Tongue

What is Tongue Tie

The benefits of Oral Play Exercises

milk ingredients with breastfeeding and formula and preparation

digestive development


feeding positions

burping and winding

Stomach Acid

Massage and baby wearing

managing pain


managing nights

Tummy Time and Reflux

Post Natal Depression and Birth Trauma

regulating your nervous system and breathwork

Personalised Support:

You will receive expert guidance and support every step of the way. My approach is tailored to your baby’s unique needs, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools needed to help your little one thrive. From optimising feeding techniques to implementing lifestyle changes, I’ll empower you to make informed decisions and create a supportive environment for your baby.

Benefits of Working with Me:

  • Find out the exact cause of your baby’s reflux!

  • Personalised approach tailored to your baby’s unique needs.

  • Expert guidance and support every step of the way.

  • Empowerment to make informed decisions and create a supportive environment for your baby.

    Embrace a future where reflux is no longer a source of worry and frustration but rather a journey towards a more peaceful and contented family life. Reach out today to embark on this transformative path with Reflux Free.

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