Sleep Training Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need to Know

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Hi there! I’m Seema, a Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant with years of experience helping families achieve the restful nights they deserve. Over the years, I’ve encountered many questions from parents just like you, seeking solutions for their child’s sleep challenges. This guide is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about my sleep training programmes. My goal is to help you find the right solution tailored to your child’s unique sleep needs. Let’s embark on this journey together towards better sleep for your whole family.

What’s Involved in My Sleep Training Programmes?
I offer several sleep training programmes to meet different needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of each option:

Online Sleep Training Course
This self-paced programme allows you to sleep train your child with my guidance through step-by-step videos. Once enrolled, you’ll gain lifetime access to all training videos and resources, including downloadable Sleep Handouts and a comprehensive Sleep Bible. You can find out more here.

1:1 Sleep Training Programmes
If you prefer personalised support, my 1:1 sleep training programme is perfect for you. Over the course of three weeks, we’ll work together to sleep-train your child. This programme includes:
– A customised sleep plan tailored to your child’s needs.
– Access to a WhatsApp group for ongoing support.
– Unlimited calls for troubleshooting and guidance.
– Log reviews to monitor progress and make adjustments.
– A completion call to finalise the training.
– A moving-on plan to ensure long-term success.
– A three-year Sleep Bible for continued support.

Home Sleep Training Consults
For those who prefer hands-on assistance, my home sleep training consults offer a personal touch. On Day 1 of your sleep training, I will come to your home for a three-hour session to demonstrate the sleep method and guide you through the initial steps. The remaining three weeks will involve ongoing collaboration similar to the 1:1 programme. This option includes everything offered in the 1:1 sleep training programmes.

One-Off Sleep Support Call
Sometimes, a quick consultation is all you need. My one-off sleep support call is a telephone consultation where you can discuss any sleep issues your child is experiencing. This service is available without the need to purchase a sleep plan.

Back on Track Sleep Programme
This programme is designed for children experiencing one or two minor sleep issues. It’s a quick and efficient way to address and resolve these problems without committing to a full sleep plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which programme is right for me?
Choosing the right programme depends on your child’s sleep issues, your personal preference for support, and your budget. If you need comprehensive, ongoing support, the 1:1 programme or home consult might be best. For more flexibility, the online course offers extensive resources at your own pace. For minor issues, a one-off call or the back-on-track programme can be sufficient.

What is the Sleep Bible?
The Sleep Bible is a detailed guide that covers all aspects of sleep training, from techniques and routines to troubleshooting common issues. It is included in both the online course and the 1:1 programmes, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

What Sleep Methods Do You Use?
I use scientifically evidence-based methods that are tailored to a child’s age and temperament, ensuring they are appropriate and effective. As a Qualified BACP Registered Therapist, I adhere to the BACP Code of Conduct and Ethics, which guarantees that my sleep and counselling programs are ethical and professional. When we work together, I prioritise aligning with your parenting values. To create a personalised sleep plan, you’ll complete a Sleep Assessment detailing your parenting approach, lifestyle, family setup, personal circumstances, and your child’s temperament.

For newborns under four months, I use a hands-on approach that avoids cry-based methods. For older babies, I offer a range of methods, from gentle, hands-on approaches to stay-in-the-room techniques and supportive cry-based methods. My unique in-room Sleep Training Method is particularly popular. While I can’t guarantee zero tears, I will never advocate leaving your baby to cry unattended. My programs focus on teaching you when and how to attend to your baby without resorting to feeding or rocking them to sleep.
In addition to nighttime strategies, I emphasise the importance of a consistent daytime routine and finding your child’s ideal awake windows between naps and bedtime to avoid overtiredness. Effective sleep training involves considering factors like development, behaviour, feeding and nap routines, night feeds, sleep environment, and nutrition. When you choose my three-week support program, we will communicate daily, and I will provide constant guidance, including a 24-hour milk, food, and sleep log to ensure we can make any necessary adjustments for your child’s successful sleep training journey.

Will My Baby Cry?
In addressing the concern of whether your baby will cry during sleep training, it’s essential to emphasise my adherence to the ethical standards outlined by the BACP Code of Conduct and Ethics. As a Qualified BACP Registered Therapist, I prioritize aligning with your parenting values and comfort levels. By utilising a Sleep Assessment, I tailor a bespoke sleep plan based on your family’s unique circumstances and your child’s temperament. This approach ensures that the chosen sleep method is in harmony with your parenting values and approach.
Furthermore, I employ a range of sleep training methods, from hands-on approaches to cry-based methods, and adapt them to suit your preferences and your child’s needs. My focus extends beyond just selecting a sleep method; I also work on identifying personal awake windows to reduce overtiredness, thereby minimising tears during the sleep training process. Recognising sleep training as a positive stress response, akin to starting nursery or daycare, highlights the supportive nature of the process. Ultimately, addressing sleep deprivation is crucial for both the child’s development and the well-being of the entire family, underscoring the importance of ethical and supportive sleep training practices.


I don’t want a strict schedule or be stuck indoors; can I still Sleep Train?
When you Sleep Train with me, the only requirement is for you to have your Social Diary free of social activities and events for 1 – 2 weeks of Sleep Training. This does not include managing multiple children, school and nursery pick up/drop off and work committments. I ask for this so we can spend the time to focus on your childs personal awake window and implementing the sleep training method.
That said if you struggle with anxiety, mental health or exhaustion and would like to head out for local walks and fresh air – thats what we will work with! I am a huge advocate for Mental Health especially for families for have just welcomed a little one into the world. Its hard enough as it is without me telling you to stay indoors!
My Sleep Training Programmes include a 3 Year Sleep Bible and one of the handouts is Managing Days Out and Social Activities. This means during Sleep Training I will support you in navigating Sleep and days out for when you do complete together. You will have clarity, confidence and guidance around living the life you choose to live with your family, without missing out on Social Activties and without disrupting your childs sleep. Your child will stay Sleep Trained with my 3 year sleep bible.
We will look at how to bring about flexibility, navigate bedtime and what short naps on days out mean for you!

What happens at the end of our Programme and what Aftercare Support do you offer?
My gift to you is not just for your baby to sleep. Its for your entire family to sleep but also for your baby to stay Sleep Trained, for the next few years, until they are ready to transition into a big bed!
My Sleep Training Programmes are 3 weeks. At the end of our time together we have a completion call. If there are any minor issues remaining such as one night waking I will send you a Personalised Moving on Plan to give you exact instruction on how to fix any minor issues. You will not need any further support following this because Sleep Training does not take any longer than this!
You can join my Private VIP Facebook Group which is for sleep trained parents only; where you can post anytime and you have lifetime access for this.
You will also receive a 3 Year Sleep Bible which covers the following areas of your babies life. The bible teaches you how to keep sleep on track amongst these natural occurrences:
Your 3 Year Comprehensive Sleep Bible Includes the following guides: (Age Appropriate to your child)
• Sleep environment
• Sleep association
• sleep hygiene
• winding/safe sleeping
• dummies
• feeding
• reflux
• catnap routine
• Age Appropriate Routines up to 3 years old
• Nap Transitions 3 to 2
• Nap Transitions 2 to 1
• Sleeping through the Night
• Managing Days out and Social Activities
• Managing Nursery
• Managing Travel
• Managing Sickness
• Managing Teething
• Growth Spurts
• Sleep Regressions
• nutrition and sleep
• Early Morning Wake Ups
• Assisted Naps
• Starting Solids
• Moving on Plan
• If Things Go Wrong

What Qualifications Do You Have?
You can find all About Me and my Qualifications Here

Do you have any family stories that I could read from other parents?
You can read some stories here where my families have shared their love for me; Facebook Reviews

Ready to Start Your Sleep Journey?

Every child is unique, and so is their sleep journey. My sleep training programmes are designed to provide the support and resources you need to help your child develop healthy sleep habits. Whether you prefer self-paced learning, personalised one-on-one guidance, or a hands-on approach, I have a programme that fits your needs.

If you’re ready to start your journey to better sleep, visit my shop or contact me directly to discuss the best option for you. Let’s work together to ensure your family gets the restful nights you deserve.

Sleep well, and sweet dreams!

Seema x


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