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by | Nov 8, 2021 | Success Story

The Background

At 8 months old, Savannah had always been considered a ‘good sleeper’ and was in a regulated nap routine from 6 weeks old. 

At 4 months she was self settling at bedtimes and waking once a night. 

Naps were trickier as she was breastfed on demand and so her mum would often feed back to sleep during her long lunch nap to ensure she slept a good stretch. 

Then, at 5 1/2 months she went through her 5th leap and became more active at bedtime. Mum would often assist her to sleep for fear of her being up late, her night wakes became more varied and at 6 months when teething and weaning started, she began waking up 30-60 mins after being put to bed.

Sometimes mum could resettle Savannah quickly but often she would want to be fed again. 

Mum soon started to worry about going out in the evenings for fear of messing up Savannah’s sleep routine, and as the weeks carried on, mum felt more and more trapped.

She was so stressed and ended up arguing with her husband because she was so tired and irritable.

Decision time 

Mum had previously decided to give Savannah until 9 months for things to settle down again. But, the week she turned 8 months mum had had several days of hardly any sleep and enough was enough! 

She was angry at everyone and fleetingly felt like walking out of her life just so she could have a decent nights sleep again! 

A friend had told her about my services and got in touch to discuss their situation.

I quickly reassured mum that this was a fixable situation and with sleep training, things could be turned around. 

What changed with Sleep Training? 

After reviewing the family’s situation, I put together a detailed, tailored plan for Savannah. 

Mum started Savannah on the new daytime routine of feed and nap timings straight away to get her used to it.

On the third night of sleep training, Savannah had a short resettle at 1am as it was too early to feed based on the previous nights and, to mum’s amazement, she then slept through the rest of the night and woke up at 06.45 the next morning!

Savannah continued to sleep through the night apart from the odd night where resettling was needed, and she hasn’t fed during the night since

She is now back to self settling at bedtime, and mum has learnt to trust that Savannah will put herself to sleep even if she does move around the cot for a while first. 

Initially, mum worried a lot about Savannah not going to sleep immediately and then getting overtired. But, she has now learnt that putting her in her cot at the right time and with adequate settling time, is the best way to have her settling and sleeping well.

Previously, the concept of putting her little one to bed before 18.30 terrified her, now feels confident that she will get the sleep she needs.

If you’re struggling with any aspect of baby sleep, you can contact me on 07581 410015 to have a chat about how to figure things out together.


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