How to Move Your Baby from Moses Basket to Cot

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Baby Sleep

Official guidelines recommend a baby sleeps in a separate Moses basket or bassinet in the same room as its parents for the first six months at least to reduce the risk of SIDs. 

But, by this time your baby will have grown considerably, and may even be growing out of their Moses basket or bassinet, or they may begin to move around more or start to roll over. At this point, the basket or bassinet could become unsafe, so it’s time to start thinking about moving them into their own cot.

And, since they’re likely starting to become more vocal, into their own room!

Babies always find change strange and sometimes difficult to accept…


in this post, I share my tips and advice to create a smooth transition from basket to cot.

When should I move my baby to a cot in their own room?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a baby shares the family room for 6 months. This guideline has recently stretched to 12 months but more as a looser suggestion. 

By six months old your little one will probably be less dependent during the night, with nappy changes and feeds becoming less frequent so this is the time to start thinking about the move.

 It doesn’t need to happen overnight, it should be a gradual change (read on) and if your baby just isn’t settling in their own room, bring them back and try again in a few weeks. Don’t beat yourself up over it!

How do I move my baby to a cot in their own room?

1 | Transition slowly

This change does not need to happen immediately. There are a few ways you can start to introduce your little one to their own room so they start to get used to, and feel safe in their new environment.

For example:

  • Get their room ready and let them take a look and explore for short periods of time to allow them to become accustomed to the feel and smell of the room.
  • Start to put your baby down for their daytime naps in their room.
  • Before you move your little one to their new room, place their new cot sheet at the bottom of your bed for a few nights before moving it to their cot so they have a familiar smell when it is time to move
  • Use their room for nappy changes.
  • When you are ready to move them into their room, keep the same bedding, sounds, light, etc so your baby is surrounded by familiar things.
  • Start the transition by putting your little one down in their Moses basket or bassinet and then placing this directly in their cot.
  • Distract distract distract! Use projectors and baby mobiles to distract your baby from the changes around them.
2 | Create the perfect environment

Your baby’s bedroom should be their safe place – a place of comfort and calm.

There are lots of baby products for healthy sleep out there including;

  • White noise machines which can help to create a relaxing environment that promotes healthy, high-quality sleep.
  • Organic cotton fitted cot bed sheets which are softer to the touch and gentle on delicate baby skin.
  • Black out blinds to keep light out and help to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.
  • Sleep bags which are great for regulating temperature so your little one doesn’t get too hot.
  • Organic cotton comforters to help your baby to feel safe and secure (not for babies under seven months old).

What do I do if my baby just won’t settle in their own room?

Don’t give up yet – consistency is key with this one. You need to accept that it is going to take some time. 

In saying that, if you’ve tried everything I have suggested above, you’ve given it a good few weeks and you’ve been consistent with it and it’s still a bumpy ride you can contact me on 07581 410015 to have a chat about how to figure things out together.


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