Why You Need A Baby Sleep Consultant

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Baby Sleep, Motherhood, Sleep Deprivation

When I had my first daughter I did the journey pretty much alone. Yes, I had my husband – but did he really understand what was going on for me?

I breastfed Debyani for 2 years and towards the end really struggled to wean her because I co slept with her.

I was so depressed I cried every night in bed as she latched on to me. I was beyond exhausted, working 9 to 5 and felt like I was in a dark hole. I felt bonkers!

Every morning I complained to my husband and he would say “it’s normal” and she will grow out of it.

After a few months I stopped telling him how I was feeling.

I had given up.

With my second child, Deveena, I hired a sleep coach when she was 4 months old!


Mine and my husband’s lives completely changed. And so did Debyani’s because I could be with her so much more instead of spending countless hours rocking Deveena to sleep!

So…how did it change our lives?

  1. The whole family started to get a better night’s sleep
  2. I had more time and energy for my other daughter
  3. My husband and I had more time and energy for each other
  4. Because we were all sleeping better, and spending more QUALITY time together, it was a happy environment to be in.
  5. And…I then had the skills I needed to work on sleep training with my next daughter!

5 Reasons You Know You Need A Sleep Consultant

  1. You’re exhausted and emotional
  2. Lack of sleep is having a negative impact on your life
  3. Your personal relationships are suffering
  4. You keep getting sick because your immune system is taking a battering because of your tiredness
  5. Your mood is alienating the people you care about

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Bringing babies into this world and raising them can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Losing sleep because your baby keeps you up at night, makes it even harder.

I am here to make your life easier with simple sleep solutions to help your newborn, baby or toddler sleep through the night.

To find out more about how I support parents to teach their baby to sleep through the night, using age appropriate gentle sleep training methods and a comprehensive and personalised Sleep Plan with a support package, all from the convenience of your home remotely through email and phone – click here.

Love Seema xx


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